Brew your own perfect pint


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To create the ultimate pint takes time, dedication and skill – how do we do it?

No two breweries are alike and whilst the basic brewing principles are the same, the layouts and the equipment used will vary according to the preference of the brewer. Thwaites brewery is unique and our brewing excellence comes from the culmination of over two centuries of know how.

In the following interactive experience we will guide you to brew your own perfect pint, the Thwaites way. You will be able to select your own mixes of malt and hops and influence the brewing process, to create your own pint of beer.

The only thing you won't be able to do is drink it – happily we have a selection of ales that we have already brewed and are available for you to try.

To brew your own perfect pint, please click on the start button above. The process is simple and fun, and you can have as many goes as you like. Enjoy…

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