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Blooming Success

Welcome to all our blooming growers.

Join us on an intrepid journey with your cosmic seeds and you may have growths that peak high up in the heavens, atmospheric clouds of vanilla and buttercream and blooms that will make you feel like you are walking on the moon...

There's one extra special, extra-terrestrial visitor that could be from the red planet itself...with which only time and green fingered dexterity will reveal...

Please keep revisiting us here as we reveal secrets to blooming success.

We hope you have received your seeds safely and that they will enable you to grow happy, if you have any questions please contact our head of growth: rebecca@wpa-pinfold.co.uk.

Blooming Success

You are about to embark on approximately a 12 week growing journey, so planting is of the essence!

This week’s planting tip:

It’s all about having the right strategy and plan to ensure horticultural success. Finding fertile ground is critical to successful growth, so make sure you do your research. Nurturing is equally important, particularly in these early days – regular watering is essential.

Select a sunny, sheltered location, clear of any competing growths, to help ensure your seeds flourish. Oh, and don’t forget to label them with their individual marks to help them stand out and be recognised.

Happy growing!

Show us your blooms...

Please send us your photos, sketches, and even oil paintings to show us how your plants are progressing.

If you have gone the extra mile, or at least the extra foot, we will be awarding a prize for the best, biggest and brightest blooms.

Send photos of your blooms to rebecca@wpa-pinfold.co.uk

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