4Bs of branding

In the second of our brand thinking series, we discuss the 4Bs of branding

The 4Bs of branding –
to help you maximise
your brand’s potential

Brands are pivotal in helping products and services differentiate themselves in challenging and overcrowded sectors. At WPA Pinfold we’re here to help strategically position your brand for growth, through meaningful and relevant thinking, to ensure that you are truly unique and engaging.

We’ve developed four thoughts to help you understand how to build a bigger and better brand for the future.


Having a clear focus on the aims and success factors of your organisation is essential for any brand and will help build confidence in who you are and what you want to be – with all stakeholders including employees, customers and consumers

Your vision and mission. What is your company here to do? What kind of impact do you want to have on your audience, your sector, the world? Why should your customers and employees choose you? Analysing and diagnosing your market and competition will give you a better understanding of the place you occupy in the mind of your audience.


Every relationship is built upon trust. In terms of your stakeholders, it’s no different – they will only buy products and services they believe in and trust is hard-won, easily lost. When consumers have that strong relationship with your brand, you become the go-to choice that helps streamline their decision-making process in a world that is already too complicated. That bond of trust will build lifelong fans.

Your values. How are you going to accomplish those goals? What does your company stand for? What values drive what you do every day and how you do it?


Chances are, there are plenty of other companies doing what you’re doing. As the saying goes, “When everyone else zigs, zag”. You need to zealously pursue your zeitgeist and give your brands zip to avoid zero returns.

Your point of difference.  So what really differentiates you from the competition? What makes you unique and valuable in the eyes of your target market?


The world is evolving ever faster and we need to be constantly evaluating, testing, improving and innovating to survive and thrive.

Constantly improving performance. So what kinds of products or services are you going to deliver in the future? How are you going to add value to the lives of your consumers? Don’t be a ‘boiled frog’ – check out the famous analogue.

BEST – know your position

BOND – build trust

BOLD – be differentiating

BETA – don’t be complacent


At WPA Pinfold we create the spark of eloquence and vitality that only comes through creative brand thinking and compelling design. We will help you build equity and ensure your brand maximises its potential and delivers real benefits.


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