Top tips for creating an engaged and motivated team

We recently held our Who Cares Wins employee engagement event. We've caught up with the speakers and gathered top tips for engaging and motivating a team.

There has never been a more important time to have a well-developed employee engagement strategy. We know that Covid-19 and lockdown has created some of the largest challenges (and opportunities) which HR professionals and internal comms leads have ever had to face. 

Who Cares Wins.

Zoe Eccleston, The Wellbeing Business

1. Know your demographic.

2. Know what you are wanting to achieve.

3. Reflect regularly during the process and adapt accordingly.


Catherine Boddington, Northern Talent Exchange

4. Create environments that build on creativity, innovation, empathy and relationship-building skills actively and in a very practical way. The world of work is changing rapidly and the skills that only humans have (not AI) are increasingly important.

5. Provide flexible environments – the stages of life and the longer life expectancy will mean that we may need to work until we are well into our seventies or eighties, and may involve 4-5 different careers. Organisations must think creatively about how they provide flexible environments that can respond to the different phases of career, life and inter-generational learning to engage people for longer.

6. Collaborate with other organisations – share knowledge, skills, valuable experiences, and collaborate to solve common challenges to create a stronger ecosystem and economy. This is where the intelligent sharing and building of collective talent can really drive our economy in a sustainable way.


Victoria Tomlinson, Next-Up

7. Talk to employees 50+ and see how they are using their skills – research last year showed 75% think their skills are not recognised or put to use.

8. Help employees to understand and plan for retirement – there is a win:win to be had.

9. Don’t let employees aged 50+ glide to retirement – see how they could help with initiatives from zero carbon to recruiting from diverse pools.


Gemma Smith, Strata

10. Give everyone a purpose.

11. Create a two-way communication plan.

12. Provide a clear vision and targets.

13. Empower your team to set their own goals.

14. Nurture each individual.

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