Who Cares Wins

Want to know how to align brand strategy and internal communication for greater employee engagement and retention?

Nearly 20% of UK workers are looking to leave their jobs in the next two years – the second highest figure globally! Research shows that aligning brand strategy with internal communication can help attract and retain talent, increase brand awareness and generate business growth. Transparent brand messages in internal communications can help to deliver trust and consistency around brand values. WPA Pinfold will demonstrate just how design and innovation can help lead this process.

This event is planned as an interactive two hours which will include speaker slots from leaders in the field of internal communications plus a look ahead at what’s to come in this sector. It will provide practical knowledge of how HR professionals and internal communication leaders can stimulate innovation, engagement and productivity through integrated communication alignment. A key deliverable will be case studies promoting topics such as employee wellbeing and inclusion in a digital age.

We have a limited number of spaces available, so follow the below link to book your ticket today!