WPA Pinfold

Our story

In 1978, Myles Pinfold and two others started up a design company on a wing, a prayer and a £100 overdraft. Over four decades later, WPA Pinfold still champions original, forward-looking design and creative brand thinking. What has remained constant throughout all of this time, is a very clear sense of purpose which has given the company real direction as it has navigated its way across the shifting, sometimes choppy, waters of tastes, trends and technology.

That purpose, then as now, is that design should have meaning and relevance. That, to have lasting impact, it must stand out by virtue of craft, balance and refinement. And that, most important of all, design has to be full of thought. That’s why our strapline is “Thinking brands”.

The message remains the same in our current Ex Libris studio in Leeds, and our base in London’s Fitzrovia. The medium, however, has changed immensely. We have gone from BC (before computers) to almost, but thankfully not entirely, all digital (AD). WPA Pinfold has never stood still. We see evolution as a great opportunity to keep innovating, keep creating and keep winning recognition for our design principles.

We’ve also stood the test of time thanks to our people. A key part of our strategy is to recruit a mix of talented design graduates and experienced designers. Together, we provide solutions for brand problems (usually over a cup of tea).