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Our work A journey towards a new positioning

Angel Trains

A journey towards a new positioning

Angel Trains is one of three private rolling stock companies (ROSCOs) in the UK. It has for 30 years been providing investment in rolling stock and innovation projects, helping to modernise and improve UK rail and meet the needs of today’s passengers. In a post-pandemic world, the rail industry was experiencing a reset and transformation. Our challenge was to express the pivotal role that Angel Trains has to play in shaping the future of the rail industry.
Angel Trains’ people have an incredible depth of experience and understanding of the rail industry, thanks in part to their culture of innovation. Their perspective offers unique guidance, inspires change and influences others. The brand idea of ‘Rail People, Real Expertise’ positions Angel Trains as leaders in their field.
Angel Trains are shaping the future of UK rail. The opportunity was to create differentiation through a meaningful visual identity which is modern and dynamic, reflecting their present and future role. It helps to set them apart from their peers and solidifies their unique positioning as thought leaders within their markets. Aligned to their strategy, purpose, vision and values, this new brand expression allows them to maximise future opportunities, as the business grows in both size and value.

Four key themes and a flexible identity system

The visual identity has been shaped to represent four key themes – future-focused, innovation, collaboration and an improvement journey. The visual assets allow us to be flexible and playful, making every application distinctive, ownable and unique.

Thought leadership

We developed a ‘thought leadership’ campaign that uses conceptual illustrations to bring the benefits of the award-winning fleet modernisation to life.

Brand communications

We’ve worked on a suite of communications both internal and external aimed at a broad spectrum of audiences ranging from clients to partners and stakeholders to prospective talent, demonstrating the flexibility of the new brand language.