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Our Work Bringing vision to life for 355,000 employees

We designed and developed a web app to communicate Hitachi’s vision, mission and values.

Hitachi has approximately 335,000 employees worldwide. The goal was to enable and engage these employees to acknowledge and understand the Hitachi Group.

The core feature of the app is a 360° interactive hub with satellite sub modules that cover related activities. The core hub features a combination of motion graphics, video, and interactive elements within a unique user interface that creates an organic, immersive and engaging experience.

The HVB hub creates a compelling and motivating brand tool for the Hitachi Group that provides a one-stop shop for all communications relating to its mid-term business plan. The hub is capable of communicating across all platforms and being inclusive for all employees.

11,578 Visitors in the first month

+1,733% Increase in the number of visitors

4.5% Increase in entries for Hitachi’s inspiration of the year award (promoted through the hub)

The take up of the new HVB hub has been exceptional – there was a soft launch (without Global internal marketing) and in the first month there were 11,578 visitors – that’s an increase of +1,733%.
In the first six months since launch there have been 31,543 visitors – which equates to a 787% increase.

The interactive version of the Hitachi Vision book will enable us to extend the reach of the book. The interactivity and usability across different platforms and devices will be a great help in increasing the awareness and understanding of the new vision with our employees.

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