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Our Nova Scotian client Muwin Estate had already developed a range of low-alcohol ciders and recognised an opportunity to break into the low alcohol wine category, which is in significant growth. There was a need to establish a place in a new and developing category, whilst also educating the consumer and communicating authenticity.
The market was split between both younger drinkers who were experimental and rejecting of alcoholic drinks and more traditional drinkers who wanted a low-alcohol option, without trading down on quality or having an inferior experience.
The strategy was developed around the exuberant enjoyment of life (joie de vivre). Targeting the new generation of conscious drinkers across Canada and the USA. Our award-winning brand and packaging design was created to communicate: vibrancy, freshness, energy and premium values.

Nova Scotia’s climate and soil conditions are perfectly suited to its abundant vineyards and orchards and wine has been made for five centuries. Low alcohol wine was a natural extension for its existing trade channels and accounts, as well as affording new opportunities to win new customers.

The result: a wine in a less conventional can format, that reaches across categories, has wide appeal to a new generation of drinkers, and is exactly on market – the take up from the trade has been beyond expectations.