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Moorhouse’s Brewery

Mystical brewery rebrand

Moorhouse’s new brand identity draws inspiration from Pendle Hill and the stories and legends that surround it.

The core range encompasses the spirit and mystique of Pendle’s changing moods; they are intertwined with colourful images that interpret aspects of Pendle’s history, whilst retaining links with the previous branding.

Pendle’s provenance echoes throughout the entire brand; the hill’s iconic outline looms across the new logo.

Moorhouse’s refreshed brand extends to its new craft range, enabling them to reach out to a fresh generation of beer drinkers.

Mystical illustrations were created and applied across all aspects of the brand, contributing to its great stand-out on bar.

The rebrand also incorporated a full redesign of Moorhouse’s digital platform, allowing users to delve into aspects of the brewery, its history and beers. Since the rebrand, Moorhouse’s Brewery has won shelf space in major retail outlets including; Asda and Tesco, as well as retaining its place in Booths Supermarkets.

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Having worked with WPA Pinfold on a number of projects over the years, I was confident that they could deliver fresh, innovative thinking but also ensure our brand values were respected. We now have a platform for the future success of our business.
Moorhouse’s Brewery