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Our work Revealing a new name and brand simultaneously to 32,000 employees


Revealing a new name and brand simultaneously to 32,000 employees

Hermes is now Evri. A completely new name, brand and change in culture, following the sale of the UK’s biggest courier company. WPA were tasked with revealing the new brand to an internal audience.

The campaign started with a tease phase, which used the element of excitement and surprise associated with opening a parcel. We revealed small elements of the new brand along with enticing words.

The big reveal included all employees receiving a package with intructions of when to open (after 11am on launch day). The pack contained various branded items.

Also included was a folded welcome leaflet and poster explaining why the name change and what it means for the future of the business.

The 11am opening coincided with the launch event ‘big reveal’ on stage introduced by the CEO Martijn De Lange, attendees were instructed to open their packs at the same time.

91% Employees loved the internal brand launch

82% Positive or neutral internal perception of new brand

96% Internal awareness of new brand after week one

WPA picked up the brief, understood it and ran with it - answering our questions before we had even asked them! They recognised the need for urgency and totally exceeded our expectations.