WPA Pinfold

Our Work Take C.A.R.E

Every organisation wants to take care of its employees. We helped National Grid devise a campaign called ‘Take Care’ to communicate the dangers of working with and around electric cables.

The campaign featured strong graphic imagery and striking colours associated with the environment and specific tasks involved.

There was a requirement to capture the hearts and minds across all teams, to ensure that the communications and relevant materials were properly dispersed.

£563K Savings over nine months

+2,203% Return on investment

DBA Awards Winner

Since Take C.A.R.E was implemented the first nine month period, 84 less cables were struck (a 31% reduction).

“Take C.A.R.E. branding, design and tailoring of materials for each layer of the target audience was well thought out, and the success is due to WPA Pinfold’s ideas, proposals and attention to detail. This no doubt helped to get the target audiences engaged and the message out there; always a big part of the safety challenge.”
Matthew King, Gas Safety Manager Safety, Sustainability & Resilience, National Grid