WPA Pinfold

About us

Visual Intelligence

We bring brands to life through insight driven design ideas, turning traditional thinking on its head and bringing clarity from confusion. We call this visual intelligence.

Our expertise

We have been partnering with clients for over 40 years. We bring Visual Intelligence to wellbeing, food and drink, energy, employee engagement, corporate reporting, sustainability and health and wellbeing, our diverse experience brings new thinking to every project.

We put brand at the heart of all we do, ensuring a deep understanding of both internal stakeholders and external consumers. By taking a collaborative approach and applying insights gained across many areas and disciplines, we deliver design that delivers results.

Our approach

At WPA we partner with everyone from global multinationals to small start-ups, helping them find their purpose, solve their evolving challenges and build emotional connections with their audience. Our work is founded on our tried and tested WPA process. Wisdom and Planning delivering deep strategic insight, uncovering the big creative thought and then bringing this to life in Articulation and Activation through Visual Intelligence, crafted to perfection. We are partners in the truest sense – we work in close collaboration with our clients, we are your extended team. Bring us your problems, and we will solve them for you.

Our clients

This sense of partnership and shared goals is one reason why we have long standing relationships with our clients, who keep coming back for more.

Our awards

It’s always rewarding to be recognised for our work. Here are a few of the highlights over the years:

We have won over 160 global design awards including:

  • 2 Brand Impact Awards
  • 24 Design Effectiveness Awards
  • 6 EBMA Awards
  • 5 Good Design Awards
  • 37 Graphis Design Awards
  • 10 How Design
  • 3 NY Festival Awards
  • 24 Transform Europe Awards

Our people

We all have distinctive skills but also share the same passion for producing lasting success for our clients, which we draw upon when putting the perfect team together for your project. We have an open studio policy where you get to talk directly to the team that works with you. We also believe in excellence and that projects should be an enjoyable process, so we only work for clients who second best is not an option.

Proudly employee owned

We’re in this together, we’re more than employees, we’re all owners, each with a stake
in the business. That’s why for us it’s personal.


At WPA Pinfold we have a charitable mindset, donating a percentage of profits to worthy causes, ‘Art is rubbish too’ was born out of this commitment.

To generate funds for a small, under-resourced charity. We had the idea to use our creative skills to create works of art from discarded or unwanted items, display these in a pop up gallery and invited clients & friends to bid for them at auction.

In the spirit of upcycling we modified the keep Britain tidy logo and repurposed it for our event branding and communications.


We believe that life is about more than just work—it’s about balancing work, learning and play. Our understanding of the world around us makes us who we are. Travel broadens the mind and we feel it is critically important that we are all exposed to different cultures to help us better serve our global clients.