Engaging employees for success

Last week we proudly hosted Who Cares Wins, the first event of its kind which provided practical knowledge of how to stimulate innovation, engagement and productivity through internal branding

Gone are the days when profit was the only key to business success. In today’s world, achieving long-term success is much more complex. Our industry expert event speakers explored just how design and innovation can enhance internal comms as well as the need to ensure the wellbeing of all employees.

Annette Gann, Director of Camden 360 Communications, kicked things off by drawing on her personal experience at Cadent where we helped to launch this brand internally to all staff. Annette says that when it comes to doing the right thing in business, it’s important to align the personal purpose and values of all employees with that of the company. Connecting people to the bigger picture helps them see the bigger picture more clearly.

Jodie Hill shared the inspiring story behind her entrepreneurial venture, Thrive Law, where she’s the Managing Director and Employment Solicitor. Thrive Law helps businesses with employment law, mental health and wellbeing. Jodie discussed the importance of employment law in safeguarding the wellbeing of any workforce, as 1 in 7 people in the workplace are suffering from poor mental health.

Helen Oldham, Founding Board Director of NorthInvest, talked about her life at the Yorkshire Post where we helped her to use a brand pivot to re-engage the internal audience. As a person who has worn many executive hats in her career, she explored how two-way branding helped to create an emotional connection with the employer and the employee. She says that the secret to having entrepreneurial and creative employees is to encourage the effective communication of brand values and strategy at all levels of the organisation – it’s a simple yet fool proof formula.

Jo Hussey, the Director of Think People First, gave some insider tips from her winning HR initiatives at Cadent and HomeServe where she was the Head of Employee Engagement. Jo gave us her first-hand, tried and tested tips and strategies for embedding values and a leadership mentality at all employee touchpoints – which helped to execute. She also discussed the effects of this on employee retention.

Who Cares Wins showed that if you care for your employees, they will take care of your clients. At WPA Pinfold, our approach is to connect employees, brand and strategy – advising on the best strategic channels for our client’s unique needs. We can help you build a highly committed workforce that’s dedicated to their organisation’s goals and values, and is motivated to contribute to organisational success whilst, at the same time, able to enhance their own sense of wellbeing.

If you were unable to attend the event and are curious to know more, then watch this space closely for updates.

Or if you’d like an informal chat about your employee engagement challenges, then get in touch on +44(0)113 244 8549, or email richard.hurst@wpa-pinfold.co.uk, or better yet, come in and we can share some of our insights over a cup of tea, the WPA way.