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Our work Branding for the functional nutrition sector

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Branding for the functional nutrition sector

Beauty Fuel was the outcome of Body Sculpture’s expansion into nutritional cosmetics. A daily tonic designed to care for your skin.

The range included three products, each with a targeted purpose. Coloured roundels help signify their purpose with unique icons in the centre. 

Premium cues are key in the cosmetics market – Vibrant colours and metallic finishes were contrasted by white, to give the products a functional, almost medicinal feel.

The unique nature of the glass ampoules makes for a impactful presentation. Each vial is topped with colour coded protectors and the beauty fuel roundels printed onto the glass.

As a Taiwanese-based manufacturer supplying a world market, we fully understand the value of good design. WPA Pinfold provides us with highly marketable design solutions that add value to our products and set us apart from the competition.
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