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Our work Driving a Culture Change Through Recognition

National Grid

Driving a Culture Change Through Recognition

National Grid briefed us to develop a recognition campaign which would be a celebration of great individual behaviours across the group.

The design campaign strategy was focused around three key stages: nomination, recognition and promotion.

The campaign showcased examples of where colleagues were embracing National Grid’s values so that other colleagues could learn from their approaches, results and the recognition of being spotlighted by the business.

National Grid colleagues were at the heart of this campaign and we put them front and centre of all the communications.

Following our winners’ days in New York and London, we produced videos and case studies of all of our winners. The design campaign was so successful it’s now going to be run on a yearly basis – we are currently working on the 2023 campaign, developing the idea and understanding how we build upon such a successful campaign – as recall, engagement and business impact have been so high.

Our aim for the campaign had a single focus – to put our values and in turn our people front and centre through a simple but impactful creative. By using design to create common currency around our values and by placing our colleagues at the forefront, we’ve been able to drive widespread engagement with not only the campaign but with colleagues demonstrating and living our values every day.
Senior Manager Colleague Communications and Engagement, People and Culture
National Grid