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Our work Signalling change at Neal Jones

Neal Jones

Signalling change at Neal Jones

We were commissioned by Neal Jones, specialists in bespoke, timeless furniture design and creation, to carry out a total rebrand and to reposition the company for growth – in the high-end marine and residential sectors.

Brand rationale

Our rebrand perfectly complements the classic qualities of Neal Jones’ designs, whilst the adaptation of the marine semaphore (for the initials N and J) made for a unique marque that is perfectly suited to its newly identified growth market. The abstraction of the symbol also ensured that it was also relevant to its non-superyacht clients.

The supporting typography is elegant and classical to convey design luxury. The overall design represents a sense of classic exclusivity, which complements the Neal Jones philosophy.

Digital transformation

Digital touchpoints were reimagined to reflect the brand repositioning. The website has become an elegant and functional platform in showcasing details about the furniture, and also to provide useful resources to clients and interior designers, such as tear sheets and 3D model files.

WPA Pinfold’s rebrand of our company has enabled us to modernise our marketing and reposition our business. This has elevated the perception of our company, as a key player in the luxury and superyacht industry, repositioning us within the market, and emphasising us as leading furniture designers to our customers.

Neal Jones

100% Increase in new business enquiries since the rebrand

35% Increase in social media reach since the launch

40% Increase in website traffic