Our can design for Kirkstall Brewery hits the press

Keep reading to find out why Packing of the World love our unique design.

We’re proud to announce that our packaging design for Kirkstall Brewery’s craft beer range has been published by one of the most prestigious packaging and design websites, Packaging of the World!

We took inspiration from the brewery’s rich heritage, to create a truly unique design that’s strategically grounded in a distinct brand identity… And Packaging of the World agrees.

The design honours the style of illuminated manuscripts produced by the Cistercian monks who inhabited Kirkstall Abbey, near the brewery’s location. The historical references are deliberatly juxtaposed with the crisp and clean overall design, which uses simple typography and strong colours to achieve a unique brand identity. We also used colour as a differentiating agent to highlight the diverse flavours within Kirkstall’s range.

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