Brand relevance: recognising that it’s time to reconnect

Comprehensive visual and verbal identity refresh for The Royal Yorkshire Regiment.

It’s not every day an army regiment calls us for our help. But the Royal Yorkshire Regiment did just that. They recognised a need to adapt, ensuring their history and heritage was relevant for both current and new audiences, protecting their future and aligning to their strategic objectives.

The Royal Yorkshire Regiment is an infantry regiment of the British Army, with a rich history spanning over 330 years. They approached us to make the Regiment more relevant and meaningful for their audiences. Working with an institution like The Royal Yorkshire Regiment is a privilege – they have a rich heritage, which holds trust, as well as a strong emotional connection and nostalgia with their audiences.

To undertake this project with the Royal Yorkshire Regiment we carried out extensive research, listening to voices from every Battalion and exploring many viewpoints, from the most recent joiner to the most senior ranking officer.

We found that there was a disconnect between the story being told and the core business of the Regiment. The book didn’t match the cover. The brand lacked the platform and tools to convey its identity and offerings with conviction.

We helped the Royal Yorkshire Regiment to express their brand in a more credible and compelling way. We did so by portraying the Regiment consistently and authentically, reflecting their personality traits – brave, decisive, relentless, underpinned by compassion.

This comprehensive visual and verbal identity refresh positions the Royal Yorkshire Regiment for the future, driving engagement with their stakeholders, soldiers and wider communities and discovery by new audiences throughout our great county and beyond.

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