Your Space to feel good

Repositioning Barnsley Premier Leisure to align it with its core message to focus on its members and their personal fitness goals.

The fitness market is becoming crowded and customer retention is a challenge with fitness clubs losing around 50% of their members each year!

Whilst budget gyms compete on price, mid-market gyms are beginning to define their audiences, and boutique gyms focus on enhanced service levels and customer experience. On top of this more and more people are choosing to get fit at home as technology and out of gym fitness equipment improves drastically.

Barnsley Premier Leisure operate 11 not-for-profit gyms across South Yorkshire, and it was clear that their ‘Fitness Flex’ brand needed to be revitalised and repositioned away from the crowded value gym marketplace, and align with its core message to focus on its members and their personal fitness goals.

We developed a new brand concept for the fitness provisions provided by Barnsley Premier Leisure both as a stand alone fitness gym and within larger leisure centres which they operate. We renamed the gym chain ‘Your Space’: your space to feel good in.

We created a ‘feel good’ multi-coloured fun and friendly brand which officially launched in December 2018 with a refurbishment to a stand-alone gym. A new exterior signage scheme was created whilst interior graphics utilise the greys from the colour palette with pops of bright accent colours across fun graphics and uplifting brand messaging.

“Working with WPA Pinfold was an extremely enjoyable experience – they have the ability to understand your needs by creating a strong visual concept. Their professionalism and support throughout the process was amazing and I would strongly recommend them to all businesses.” BPL

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