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Our work A balanced approach to corporate wellness


A balanced approach to corporate wellness

Eqwell is a digital start-up in the US, offering a holistic employee wellness platform with a truly personalised approach to wellbeing. We have created branding and positioning around this innovative venture.

We created an identity that communicates the brand attributes of: holistic/balance, continuous self improvement, customised/ personalised, intelligent, empowering, connecting and community.

The name ‘equal’, reflects true balance; ‘EQ’ stands for emotional/ intelligence and ‘well’, the services’ purpose. The strap-line ‘All things being Eqwell’ signifies there’s no ‘one size fits all’ wellness program.

The five pillars were the focus of social media posts. The notion that ‘Wellness’ is achieved from having the right balance in all of these key areas.

We also created a set of guidelines to support the new brand rollout.

The new brand has been central to our new business approaches, everyone we have spoken to has complemented it immensely