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Our work Bring life, to life through photographic print


Bring life, to life through photographic print

Our challenge… Over 1.2 trillion photos will be taken, globally this year, alone. Over 87% of those, will be taken on a mobile phone. Only 43% of people will actually print them.

Our campaign idea was ‘Life brought to life by Fujifilm’ the campaign captured great moments in life, brought to life by printing with a Fujifilm product and set in an aspirational lifestyle.

We created four categories of promotion; product messaging, occasion led e.g. Mother’s day, target audience specific e.g. dog lovers and seasonal promotions such as Christmas.

Each piece of communication, opens with the campaign strapline, followed by a ‘lifeline’ headline related to the specific promotion e.g. ‘It’s a wonderful life’ for Christmas gifts.

A key selling touchpoint was the in store kiosks the campaign inspired customers to print their images across more products.

We created a marketing toolkit for Fujifilm’s retailers to help bring their sales to life. The kit box included a desktop calendar of what they should be promoting, when and which comms to use alongside.

The kit also included a range of supporting materials to help promote their print products, such as: posters, photo wallet leaflets, POS stands and counter top POS.

A set of brand campaign guidelines were developed to help Fujifilm maintain consistency of messaging for future extension and adoption of the campaign across Europe.