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Our work Branding a national employment opportunity scheme

National Grid

Branding a national employment opportunity scheme

EmployAbility – Let’s work together is an employee-led supported internship scheme for young people aged 17-22 with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (S.E.N.D).

We used our strategic approach to design to help create a unique and own-able brand identity, enabling National Grid to support young adults in this way.

This included designing a bold, clear and simply identity, blending two brand styles together to create a distinctive look and feel to the materials.

The EmployAbility scheme has been rolled out to other company sites and has won the prestigious National Grid Chairman’s Award. National Grid has also been publicly commended for their forward-thinking approach.

80% In its first year, 80% of the interns achieved paid employment or entered into full-time education.

£13bn Only 48% of disabled people are in employment, compared to 78% of non-disabled people. 92% of consumers felt more favourable towards companies that hire individuals with disabilities. It is estimated that improving the employment rate of persons with disabilities would boost the UK economy by £13 billion.

2015 In 2015, National Grid hosted conferences for businesses inspired by the presentations at the Target Job Awards and who are interested in setting up similar programmes to EmployAbility.