WPA Pinfold

Our Work Raising security awareness in the UK and US

National Grid wanted to raise security awareness throughout their employee base, at all levels and across all business areas.

Our solution was to create an animated motion graphics sequence featuring SAM (Security Action Machine).

We took a novel, yet relevant, approach to the material, helping to communicate key messages with an entertaining twist.

The campaign generated a 35% increase in awareness of the themes around data privacy, information and digital security.

The animation was shown to 27,000 employees and support collateral was also produced as part of the integrated campaign: posters (3 different topic areas) at 240 locations, large wall graphics and SAM cut out figures at key sites.

The skills we value most in the people at WPA Pinfold is their ability to demonstrate that they understand our business, our culture and our employee base. This has made the creative process a much simpler one for all because we are all starting from the same point and can talk the same language.
National Grid

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