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Our work Bringing new life into a co-operative brand

Fair Trader

Bringing new life into a co-operative brand

We positioned and rebranded Fair Trader as an authoritative co-operative, which puts people at the heart of what they do.

We wanted to ensure the packaging reflected the concept of the shop and brand.

The simple, consistent design and the recycled packaging approach are true to the brand and ensure the credibility of a fair trade philosophy.

We created a visual identity for the brand that ties a number of varied products together, all of which follow the Fair Trader’s ethical business practices.

+24.6% Increase in turnover

+72% Increase in investor numbers

+5.0% Gross margin increase

The Fair Traders Co-operative has now improved its profitability and is outperforming the market.

WPA Pinfold’s rebrand has zoned in on our key values. Thanks to their work, the Fair Trader is now a successful growing business with design-led, high-quality products and a business model to take us into the future.