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Our work Power of 10 campaign identity and launch

Northern Powergrid

Power of 10 campaign identity and launch

To launch a company wide behavioural change programme, that empowers and inspires all colleagues to deliver a 10/10 service in everything they do.
Customer satisfaction is key to establishing how well the organisation is performing and meeting regulatory requirements, ultimately, is the benchmark of measuring its success.
Specific and unique to the industry they work in, The Power of 10 and Power Principles encourage Northern Powergrid employees to be the best they can be individually and together.

Launch photography and video

For the campaign to successfully land with an internal audience, our aim was to create authenticity. We captured real examples of colleagues from across the business going over and above in their daily roles, delivering a 10 out of 10 service.

Power principle behaviours

To help deliver the Power of 10, we developed the five Power Principle behaviours that guide employees to consistantly work towards a 10 in everything they do. This mantra is also used as a benchmark when looking for new recruits, enabling NPG to find the right people for the job.

Launch event

We supported a launch event on the 10th day of the 10th month to 100 senior leaders. The purpose of the event was to deliver a business update from the CEO and an opportunity unpack the Power of 10 narrative to senior leaders and what it means for them. Leaders could then cascade messaging back to each area of the business, across 3,000 colleagues, both office and field force.


80% of colleagues gave 10 out of 10 feedback in their understanding of the ‘Power of 10’

3,000 employees reached on day one with clear principles messaging as a co-ordinated desk drop.

950 Fieldforce team members received Power of 10 communications and a branded pen torch on launch day.

WPA used their knowledge of our company and the brief of wanting to do something different and authentic, and created a campaign which showcased the character and heart of the organisation. The feedback we received from the top 100 leaders was that this was a campaign they and their teams could relate to and get behind, and because the story is being told by our own people, they felt they could easily cascade the principles and behaviours we were trying to promote.
Head of Communications
Northern Powergrid