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Our work A new digital platform for 100,000 employees across Europe


A new digital platform for 100,000 employees across Europe

The Team news website, developed for RWE’s 100,000+ employees, is a responsive and multilingual online extension of the company’s internal magazine, Team.

Each company within RWE has its own portal, which can be individually customised, so that they can access the news which is particularly relevant to them in their own language.

As part of the brief we also repositioned and redesigned the printed newspaper. This became a more in-depth and less time-sensitive partner to the online news channel.

2,000 Unique visitors every day

100,000 Employees across Europe

We are RWE Launched the new Group-wide strategy

The website was designed and built within just two months to launch the new Group-wide strategy – the epitome of rapid deployment.

The Team news channel in the intranet looks great. I can imagine how much work you have invested to get there – but it really paid off. The result has enriched our ‘We Are RWE’ event and helped make it visible for our whole organisation. My heartfelt thanks.