Why a company vision is fundamental to business and brand growth…

We have been reflecting on our recent win at the Corporate Content Awards this month where we won Gold and Silver for our work in communicating Arriva’s new vision to its 43,000 employees across Europe.

Our work has played a fundamental role in how Arriva colleagues feel and behave at work and has influenced the company’s performance in 2022. It’s proven that when an organisation’s people demonstrate a clear understanding and align closely to what the company and its brand stands for, the business will perform significantly better than a company which doesn’t focus on this level of brand cohesion internally and externally.

So why is having a clear vision and communication strategy for that vision so important right now – well one of our favourite sayings, as a company, when we think about creating a new vision is: “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there.” This quote by Lewis Carroll is a stark reminder of the danger of not having a clear path and way forward – few of us would take just “any” path when travelling in a new or unfamiliar direction.

For us, a clear vision and an engaging communication strategy for that vision are crucial for growth, and to ensure you have people who love to join and love to stay. Not knowing your North Star can lead to fundamental organisational issues.

Here are some fundamental business benefits of a well-thought-out and crafted vision:

1. VISION SPARKS MOTIVATION especially when your teams are focussed on the day-to-day-grind and details of their roles. Your vision has the power to gear up your teams and rally the troops.

2. VISION CREATES STRUCTURE in how you communicate to your people. Using your vision as an anchor point helps your people to become owners and advocates.

3. VISION PROVIDES CONTEXT to clearly understand how all of their hard work ladders up to help achieve the vision. This presents an opportunity for business leaders to use the vision to inspire and motivate colleagues in their day-to-day.

4. VISION PROVIDES CLEAR DIRECTION for your team and company. It provides a North Star, ensuring everyone understands the overarching strategy (the journey) and what you need from your people to achieve your goals.

We are experts in working with large corporates, who often have complex audiences, to shape visions that have meaning for their organisations – we have a proven track record and we win awards for our work in this space.